Spiritual Practices
Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina, translated means; Sacred Reading. This is a reading of scripture where one listens to what God is saying through the text. This is not a Bible Study in the sense of study of content. It is rather a prayerful reading in which we listen to God speaking to our specific situation in life. In
this spiritual discipline we practice sacred listening and discernment.
Bible Study

Bible Study is a process of listening to the witness of the text. This listening involves the use of contemporary scholarship in regards to language, cultural context, history of interpretation, form criticism and other scientific and literary tools. In this spiritual discipline we try to connect to the witness of the writer and then apply that witness to our current situation. Like Lectio Divina, this is also a process by which we listen for God's Word to us.
Silent Meditation

In some tradtions this is also called Centering Prayer or Contemplation. It is the practice of sitting meditation in silence. In this spiritual discipline we practice sacred listening and stillness of mind. We offer two sittings, a 20 minute meditation and then a 40 minute meditation. The 20 minute meditation begins with a short meditation focus. At the end of the 20 minute meditation there is a short tea break before the 40 minute meditation.