Ministry Teams of Highland Presbyterian Church

Worship Team
The mission of the Worship Team is to create and promote opportunities for worship
that will respond to the various generational needs within our congregation. The team
seeks to enrich our experience of God through worship that responds to the cultural
diversity of our congregation and community. To this end the Worship Team plans and
coordinates, with the Pastor, the ongoing worship services as well as special
opportunities for worship.

Witness and Service Team
The mission of the Witness and Service Team is to lead the congregation in service and
outreach to the local community. It is also the task of the team to lead the congregation
in local and international mission related to Presbytery, Synod and the General
Assembly. To fulfill this task the team sponsors and organizes; special offerings,
mission interpretation and specific opportunities for service. The team is also
responsible for programs and events that meet specific local needs and that
communicates the gospel to the surrounding community

Visitation Team
The mission of the Visitation Team is to coordinate the congregationís care for
individuals and families. The task of the team is to maintain contact with families and
individuals and demonstrate the love of Christ to them. It is also the task of this team to
be a communication link with the Pastor and the Session, and to be an organizing force
for support in times of crises, such as death or serious illness. This team is also
concerned with out reach to visitors and others who have expressed an interest in our

Property Transformation Team
The mission of the Property Transformation Team is to propose and implement
projects that would change, renew or expand the current church plant. This
would include specific building proposals, replacement of current structures and
remodeling of current structures. All such proposals would seek to transform the
current property in accordance with the actual and anticipated needs and mission
of the congregation .

Stewardship Team
The mission of the Stewardship Team is to lead the congregation in responsible
stewardship of time, talents and financial resources.

Congregational Care Team
The mission of the Congregational Care Team is to facilitate events and design
programs that will encourage community, promote fellowship and offer opportunities for
learning. To fulfill this task, the team sponsors and organizes; common meals, social
activities for various age groups, small group activities that meet special needs and
other opportunities for folk to share with each other and minister to one another. In
terms of learning, the team is responsible for workshops, retreats, Bible studies and
other events or programs that will offer opportunities for growth in faith and

Building and Grounds Team
The mission of the Building and Grounds Team is to ensure that the property of the
church meets the needs of the various mission programs and ministries of the church.
It is the task of the team to explore ways in which the property of the church can be
used for mission beyond the congregation. It is also the task of the team to maintain
the grounds and propose to Session any major repairs or replacement of the plant.

Communications Team
The mission of the Communication Team is to facilitate means of communication within
the congregation and beyond. The Team will understand itsí task as one of sharing
information and offering education in faith and spiritual growth.